After exposing the participant to pranayama, food habits and principles of The Art of Living for six days, on the seventh day Meditation is introduced. The name of the Meditation is Samadhi, which means ‘Equanimous Intellect’ – an intellect which will not discriminate. The function of the intellect is always to discriminate. In Samadhi practice, which is a science of non-doing, there is no concentration, contemplation or counting of beads. It is supremely above caste, creed and religion. The duration is hardly 15 to 20 minutes and the result is wonderful.

When the intellect is given a holiday for 15 minutes, the body and mind derive rest equivalent to four to five hours of sleep and the depth of rest achieved is more than deep sleep. In the process, all psychosomatic diseases such as diabetes, migraine, wheezing, sinusitis, B.P., heart ailments and skin problems are mitigated.

The results are:

  • 1Clarity in thinking
  • 2Clarity in feeling
  • 3Purity in action
  • 4Improvement in Inter-personal relationship
  • 5Increase in efficiency and productivity
  • 6Interesting and meaningful life
  • 7Good health

The most important pre-requisite for meditation is a mind that is prepared to discover the meaning of I. The ‘I’ that remains unchanged from childhood to youth to old age and whose nature is pure awareness that is absolute contentment and love, and is free from any sense of limitation. We need patience, perseverance and an attitude devoid of expectation to become a good meditator.

Post-Meditation Classes

Further, in the AGY program, the last three days are devoted to post-meditation classes. The meditator is given information such as:

  • 1Physical preparations
  • 2Four ideal conditions for meditation
  • 3Hindrances and obstacles in meditation
  • 4Dangers of over meditation
  • 5Incorrect and correct signs of meditation

Also, the meditator is given an idea about the origin of desires, the functioning of the rational and the intuitive brain to bring out one’s latent talents for the welfare of humanity.